How can Hypnotherapy help you with anxiety? 

If you are tired of googling your problems online to find an answer, struggling with them, and having them dominate your life, then hope is at hand. I will enable you to overcome the thoughts and emotions which have been causing and maintaining anxiety problems in your life.

What kind of therapy do I offer you?

 I know what these problems are like, and what the solutions are. I have used hypnotherapy myself. I decided to train in it myself and eventually graduated with three Diplomas in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and even now I always study to make sure I am using the most effective and scientifically validated techniques available today. I will enable you to change your thinking in order to reduce anxiety, and how to manage overly emotional reactions to life events. You will be able to stop anxiety in its tracks.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is offered by the NHS. Is your therapy better for anxiety?

In CBT, for which there is normally a long waiting list, you are taught that your anxious thoughts are not rational and you need to think differently in order to reduce anxious responses and behaviou.

The problem is that most anxiety suffurers already know that, but it does not solve the problem for them because their anxiety seems to have an emotional life of its own. It has become a powerful enemy which conscious thinking alone does not touch. That is why a subconscious method using hypnosis is helpful.

Of course thinking rationally is always good, but it is more about deeper factors like your deeply rooted emotional reactions to anxiety triggers. We will approach your hypnotherapy in such a way as to correct both your thinking and your emotions. This is the only approach which really finally resolves the problem.

Are sessions confidential?

Yes totally, and any notes i make are locked securely away.


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