HYPNOTHERAPY for weight loss

What does Hypnotherapy offer you? 

If you are tired of googling your weight problems to find an answer, struggling with them, and having them dominate your life, then hope is at hand. I will enable you to overcome the thoughts and emotions which have been causing and maintaining your excessive weight and the self sabotage which is derailing your efforts .

What kind of therapy do I offer you?

 I know what these problems are like, and what the solutions are. I have used hypnosis on myself. I decided to train in it and eventually graduated with three Diplomas in different aspects of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and even now I study to make sure I am using the most effective methods available today. I will enable you to change your thinking in order to increase self confidence and reduce all addictions and any anxiety if that is a factor. I will also help you to reduce overly emotional reactions to life events which may have triggered over eating. You will be able to achieve a new peace of mind, let go of the past, and surprising yourself that it no longer bothers you.

Is my therapy the best solution?

There are various therapies available today which seek to change your thinking.

The problem is that most people already know they are not thinking appropriately about weight, but it does not solve the problem for them because their issues seem to have an emotional life of their own. They have become a powerful enemy which conscious thinking alone hardly touches. That is why a subconscious method using hypnotherapy is important.

Of course thinking rationally is always good, but it is more about deeper factors like your core beliefs and  emotional reactions to food which trigger  overeating. We will approach your hypnotherapy in such a way as to correct both your thinking style, and your emotions. This is the only approach which really finally resolves the issues and leads to a slim body.

Are sessions confidential?

Yes totally, and any notes I make are locked securely away.

And the cost and opening hours?

Open Monday to friday 09.00 - 5.00. One hour is £60 in cash payable at the end of the session.



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